CFO to Go

The role of chief financial officer is to take care of the long term financial picture of the company and offer advice based on that analysis.  The CFO generally works closely with the chief executive officer (CEO) or owner, overseeing debt investment, capital structure and equity.  Responsible for overseeing both current and future financial conditions, the CFO will strategize, analyze and predict the financial future of the company.  While the value of a CFO to any company is great, the cost of having one on staff can be too expensive.

Stivers Accounting & Bookkeeping makes it possible for any company to have a CFO.  With our “CFO to Go” program your business can have a pay as you go staff CFO.  You get a high level, seasoned professional able to analyze your financial statements and advise your company leadership with “CFO to Go” from Stivers Accounting & Bookkeeping.

CFO to Go Services

  • Strategic advisory
  • Financial analysis
  • Financial, tax and risk strategy
  • Interpreting management reports
  • Mergers and acquisition strategy
  • Interface with financial institutions
  • Capital investment analysis
  • Budgets and forecasts
  • New business financial advice